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Rwandan Tutsi genocide: the medal awarded by the city of Reims to the CPCR

The medal awarded by the city of Reims to the CPCR
Saturday, February 3, the medal awarded by the city of Reims to the CPCR
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"For many years, you have headed the Collective of Civil Parties for Rwanda, 
which is the source of most of the genocide investigations opened in France, 
and I know all the dedication and competence that inspires you. Thus, it would be 
particularly nice to receive you on Saturday, February 3, surrounded by your loved ones,
 to give you the "Medal of the City of Reims" in recognition of our recognition."

These are the terms of the invitation addressed by Mr. Arnaud ROBINET, Mayor of Reims,
 to the Chairperson of the CPCR, Mr. Alain GAUTHIER.

This medal, which will be presented to our president, is a mark of gratitude addressed 
to all the members of the Collective of Civil Parties for Rwanda and to those who support it,
 for justice to the victims of the genocide of Tutsi perpetrated in Rwanda in 1994.
 Not to mention the lawyers who have been with us for so many years. Without them, 
this fight could not have been possible.

It is also a tremendous recognition of the genocide of the Tutsi, by the authorities
 of an important city of France. An opportunity to highlight the fight of the CPCR
 so that the genocide of the Tutsi does not go into oblivion: more than one million 
innocents cowardly exterminated because they were Tutsi or opposed to the final solution.

Since November 2001, the Collective of Civil Parties for Rwanda has set itself the goal 
of prosecuting, "without hatred or revenge", those suspected of having participated in the
 genocide of Tutsi and living in France. Nearly thirty complaints were lodged on the 
Bureau of Investigating Judges of the "Crimes Against Humanity Pole" of the Paris TGI.
 To date, only one final sentence has been handed down, 25 years in prison against Captain
 Pascal SIMBIKANGWA. From May 2 to July 6 will be held, at the Assizes of Paris, the appeal
 trial of two former bourgmestres sentenced in first instance to life imprisonment, M. NGENZI

Fight for justice, fight against negationism, fight against forgetfulness, which requires 
the support of the greatest number. The genocide of the Tutsi is a crime against humanity,
 imprescriptible: the victims and the survivors need justice to be rendered to them.

Gaël FAYE, secretary.

06 40 57 09 44

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