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The Director of CNED answers …

We just received today the response from the Director of CNED, Serge Bergamelli, concerning the document in which was wrongly mentioned the “genocide of Hutus by the Tutsi.”

He had previously been sent a copy of the letter we sent to the Minister of Education, Mr. Vincent Peillon. Let me transcribe the response received today by email, so that you can judge for yourself… But for me it is a response a minima, where cannot be found neither the words nor the accents that the Director of school education CNED, Mr. Frederic Artaud, had yesterday by telephone, saying he “had collapsed” by a “huge mistake” and did not know “how to present (his) apologies.” Only “manifest error” is recognized, no regrets, no expression of any feeling of guilt, no excuse …


Paris December 18, 2013


My teams have told me your response posted on December 16 on the book corrected our French class 3rd and terms that were used to evoke the Rwandan genocide.

I decided to take immediate action including one to send, as soon as possible, a new version of the text in question, with a letter to parents to correct this obvious error.

Please believe that I am, personally and professionally, very attached to convey a teaching that ensures each student openness to the world as objectively as possible.

Please accept, Excellency, my best regards.


                                                                                  Serge Bergamelli


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