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About us

Who are we?

The Collective of Civil Parties for Rwanda was created in November 2001. Since its inception, it has continuously prepared complaints against Rwandan genocide suspects.

You can read the articles of association here, they recall the goals we have set to the CPCR and ourselves. On this website, you will also find :

  • A list of the various actions we work on (see summary table)
  • Articles, reports or press releases to help you follow the CPCR activities
  • A bibliography to help you learn more about what happened in Rwanda before and after 1994
  • Some historical landmarks to remind  you about the key dates in the history of Rwanda since 1885
  • External links related to this cause (fortunately, the CPCR is not alone to fight for justice )
  • A gallery to present the memorial built in Rwanda for genocide memory is perpetuated.

This site is frequently updated to let you know about the progress of our activities. Come back to check it!)

Why are we fighting for this cause?

A genocide was committed in Rwanda in 1994 against the Tutsi community. This crime belongs to imprescriptible crimes, those who are guilty of such a crime should be tried. Only justice will give the victims and survivors their dignity back, and justice alone will allow executioners return to the community of men. This site was created to let you know about the activities of the SCRC, engaged in the fight against genocide suspects on French soil and in the fight against Holocaust denial.

(Credits : Christian Hartmann/ Reuters)